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Giving to Dante's Heart

Because Dante's Heart offers free subscription and brings its editors no
income, we shoulder the expenses of running the journal ourselves. And at
present we have no way to provide pay to our contributors.

So we welcome any benefactors, donors, kind persons, friendly
werewolves, courtly vampires, unexpectedly appearing fairy godmothers,
and others who may wish to offer small gifts. Any donations received will go
toward either covering the journal's expenses or toward a fund whose
purpose will be to provide pay for the writers and artists who publish with
us. (Many of them are starving, too.)

Even small gifts of $5 or $10 add up and will help us continue Dante's
Heart and support our community of mythworkers.

To offer a gift, click here:

We also accept prayers, good vibrations, and compliments. These will not
help us cover the costs, but they will cheer us. It is lonely work being a small
publisher, we toil hard, and we thrive on the excitement and wonder and joy
of our readers and our contributors.

Our e-mail:

The first issue of Dante's Heart launched in December 2007. We are a
young venue, like a coffee shop or jazz club first putting up its sign, and we
are delighted to have brought together so many great talents. Help us
spread the word.

Yours in excitement for the days ahead,

Daniel Fusch
Dante's Heart