Dante's Heart

Have that psych profile of a werewolf you've always wanted to write?
Maybe a short story about a funeral for a werewolf, where only one mourner was in
on the secret?
A poem with a new take on our dear little Miss Riding Hood?
A painting critiquing the ecological devastation of the Arctic?
A one-minute film clip showing the world in the night-colors of a wolf's eyes?

Call for Submissions

Dante’s Heart: A Journal of Myth, Fairytale, Folklore, and Fantasy is calling for
submissions of art, poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, and lyrics that explore the
folklore of the wolf and the contradictions of the wolf as character, figure, and
symbol in contemporary culture whether in the U.S. or around the world. Whether
the subject is Little Red Riding Hood or the decimation of the Arctic or Fenris
chained by the gods, send your best unpublished work to:


Work submitted will be considered by our panel of editors for publication in a
special issue of
Dante’s Heart for Fall 2008.

We are extending our deadline in recognition that many writers do their best work in
the summer--when the days are longer! Submissions are now due
September 1,

We are especially interested in finding out where we are, here at the near start of
the 21st century, in looking at wolves as potent, alarming, or attractive creatures.
What does the wolf mean to us today, and what do past stories or art about wolves
mean to us today? How in our current folklore do we use, fear, celebrate, or learn
from wolves?

Book & Film Reviews

We are also calling for book, short story, and film reviews on werewolf classics.
Suggested titles for book or short story review include
Lila The Werewolf by
Peter S. Beagle,
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, Only the End of the
World Again
by Neil Gaiman, The Hero As Werewolf by Gene Wolfe, and
Moon Dance by S.P. Somtow. We seek brief reviews (maximum 800 words) but
not work that is over-quick; we are looking for both wit and depth and freshness of